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    CDR Support Services

    We provide services for engineers aspiring to migrate to Australia through CDR Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment with 99% approval guarantee. 

    CDR Writing

    Plagiarism free CDR Engineers Australia report (three Career Episodes, a Summary Statement and a CPD) that sits well with all the requirements of CDR as specified by Engineers Australia.

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    CDR Review

    Get best CDR Engineers Australia report review help along with plagiarism checking and removal service from our specialized Australian CDR expert writers’ team.

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    CV/Resume Writing

    Perfect Resume by the professional writers who understand the needs of candidates and employers and have in-depth knowledge of the market.

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    Stage 1 Competency Assessment

    Engineers Australia approved CDR samples and complete assistance in CDR preparation.

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    Stage 2 Competency Assessment

    Get best CDR report review help from our specialized Australian CDR expert writers’ team.

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    CDR Training

    Training, tutorial through one on one video conferencing for Engineers to help them for Migration skill assessment.

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    Our professional CDR writers design the perfect CDR that matches the ANZSCO for your chosen CDR reports.

    “CDRSupport” helps Engineering professionals to get their CDR Engineers Australia report for engineers Australia positively assessed by Engineers Australia. The CDR report for engineers Australia submitted for Migration Skills Assessment will immediately be rejected if Engineers Australia is not pleased with the skills, knowledge and the perceiving ability of the applicants migrating from foreign countries. This showcases the due importance that must be given for composing CDR engineers Australia report. Migration Skills assessment  through CDR Engineers Australia report for Engineers Australia provide 15 points for Engineering professionals. 

    We provide CDR Services for Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment. Engineers who want to migrate to Australia have to go through Migration Skills Assessment process choosing relevant ANZSCO occupation. Professional CDR Report Writers and Professional Engineers who have been positively assessed by Engineers Australia are included in our panel of CDR experts Australia. We have a satisfactory track record of getting approved for the CDR reports for Engineers Australia prepared by our experienced CDR writers. We completely follow the criteria that you need to meet for getting positively assessed for your skills by Engineers Australia. Satisfying our clients by providing best quality CDR report at very affordable price is our motto.

    Why Choose CDRSupport?

    Best CDR Report:

    We provide you Price Beat Guarantee which is part of our commitment to always offer you the lowest cost we can. It ensures that our CDR Reports  for Engineers Australia aren’t just the highest quality; they’re the best value as compared to the competitors too.

    24/7 Support:

    We are super attentive team of dedicated CDR writers who have years of experience in delivering quality CDR reports required for Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment, free from plagiarism. Our dedicated CDR writers provide ongoing support to our clients.

    On time delivery:

    We, at CDRSupport, have super attentive team of dedicated CDR writers who can provide you the  requested service of CDR report, CDR sample for Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment on the promised time frame. We understand the importance of CDR report and our adequate CDR resources are capable to provide you the support. 

    One time pay:

    You pay the price for your CDR report and you are not liable to pay any extra money on those reports. We, at CDRSupport, offer you unlimited revisions for the CDR reports, support, and any consultation until your migration skills assessment is positive. We also provide free CDR sample.

    Why seek the professional help of CDR Support?

    Do you intend to write your CDR report without professional help? The process of preparing a CDR Report can be difficult since an individual must adhere to all regulations and guidelines of Engineers Australia (EA).

    why seek help section 2

    There might be some factors that may cause you to reconsider your decisions such as:

    • Structure and format of your career episodes
    • Plagiarism’s risks
    • Project solution that isn’t strong
    • Inadequate content in the career episodes and reports

    With strong projects and career episodes, our skilled engineers have assisted many people in getting their competency demonstration reports approved by the EA.

    Workflow Process

    Step 1


    CDRSupport's professional CDR writers will take information about your engineering qualification, engineering experiences and other relevant details through telephonic communication and conversation of your medium of choice. We collect information about your Engineering projects and evaluate your profile to write the CDR. We have a custom designed form for CDR for this step.

    Step 2


    After receiving the adequate information, our  CDR writers start creating a draft CDR report based on your engineering qualification. While writing the draft CDR  report for Migration Skills Assessment, we focus to include sufficient design related activities that matches the requirement of your CDR.

    Step 3


    We send you the draft CDR report for Engineers Australia and then collect the feedback about the report from your end. We accommodate the feedback in the process and then start working on the final version of the CDR for you. You can provide the feedback as many times desired, we are willing to help you.

    Step 4


    After step one to three is completed, we would then have designed the CDR report for engineers Australia that meets your needs and would be suitable for your Migration Skills Assessment. We handover the CDR to you.


    ServicesNormal Track
    (20 Days for Report Handover)
    Urgent Track
    (7 Days for Report Handover)
    Super Urgent Track
    (3 Days for Report Handover)
    CDR Writing$599$899$1399
    CDR Review$299 and above$499 and above$599 and above
    Career Episode Writing$149 each$249 each$299 each
    Summary Statement Writing$149$249$299
    Plagiarism CheckingFreeFreeFree
    Initial ConsultationFreeFreeFree
    Feedback addressCase basisCase basisCase basis

    Ensure that the EA approves your report

    Rather than squandering your time and money on unprofessional firms, call us to ensure your success. Our writers will ensure that your final Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is edited, proofread, and plagiarism-free. Our clients are entitled to a Free Consultation.

    Want to Know More About CDR for Engineers Australia?

    Clients Testimonials

    • I was in  dire need of CDR within a short span of time. With a limited idea of what CDR is, I approached the team here.The result? These guys know what they are doing and aren’t just another service. Kudos to the team for helping in my assessment.


      - Telecommunication Engineer
    • The team were in constant vigilance of my assessment needs and were professionals in handling my case and had it not been for them, I doubt if my skill assessment for telecommunication engineer was possible


      - Telecommnication Engineer
    • I remember my first conversation here. Plagiarism free CDR is just the  basics , its not enough, they added. The CDR should match exactly the technical details of the occupation you are trying to get assessed as. That was something i was never told by the others. I came, saw,  and went ahead with them. I don’t regret any of my choice.


      - Chemical Engineer
    • The pricing, the timing, and the support system of their service easily separates them from the rest of the market. I would highly recommend them to other engineering aspirants as well.


      - Structural Engineer
    • Thank you, guys, thank you for the 15 points. Keep up the good work. 


      - Aeronautical Engineer
    • They don’t leave the client in the dark, they constantly update you and are not one of those who puts off their phone after you pay. A big thank you for your work and I hope this service keeps growing.


      - Engineering Technologist