CDR Sample for Agricultural Engineer

CDR Sample for Agricultural Engineer

CDR Sample for Agricultural Engineer provided by is EA approved and helps you in preparing a perfect and flawless CDR Report for Engineers Australia.

Agricultural Engineers, otherwise called biological and agricultural engineers, work on an assortment of activities. These activities extend from aquaculture (raising food, for example, fish, that flourish in water) to land farming to forestry; from creating biofuels to improving preservation; from arranging environments of animal to discovering better approaches to process food.

Agricultural Engineers apply technological advances to cultivating. For instance, they design cultivating equipment that utilizes GPS system (Global Positioning Systems). They help agricultural and food researchers make organic applications for developing crops with new, sturdier characteristics. They additionally help with pollution control at bigger farms and with water resource matters. These engineers are additionally vigorously engaged with endeavors to produce new types of biomass, including algae, for power generation.

The ANZSCO code for Agricultural Engineer for Engineers Australia migration skills assessmentis 233912.

CDR sample for Agricultural Engineers comprises all the required reports like Curriculum Vitae (CV), continuing Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes (CE) and Summary Statement. The CDR Report Samples includes following contents:

Curriculum Vitae (CV): CV / Resume for Engineers Australia Assessment based on a professional template.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): CPD for Engineers Australia Migration Skills assessment clarifies the Engineering Knowledge of the applicant – 250 words.

Agricultural Engineer Career Episode Sample 1: “Assessment of Different Rice Milling Machines” – 2123 words

Agricultural Engineer Career Episode Sample 2: “Adaptation of De-husking Machines” – 1876 words

Agricultural Engineer Career Episode Sample 3: “Preparing Strategies of Farm Mechanization Project” – 2078 words

Agricultural Engineer Summary Statement Sample: Summary Statement for Competency Demonstration Report Australia is a Detail explanation of all the competency element – 1890 words. 

CDR Sample for Agricultural Engineer: Career Episode 1

Project Name: Assessment of Different Rice Milling Machines

In first career episode, the author describes the project he did when he was studying Bachelor degree in Agricultural Engineering. The project’s name was “Assessment of Different Rice Milling Machines”. The responsibilities of the author were:

  • To organize meetings and define the scope of the project for developing the methodology of the project
  • To collect different rice samples for evaluation
  • To design the experimental procedure using varied dials of milling machines
  • To evaluate different rice mills according to the broken percentage of different types of rice
  • To determine the milling capacity and efficiency of various milling machines
  • To recommend the best milling practices to the farmers as well as authorize the buying procedure of various milling machines
  • To prepare a report and train the subordinates on the testing/experimenting procedures of agricultural machines.

CDR Sample for Agricultural Engineer: Career Episode 2

Project Name: Adaptation of De-husking Machines

In second Career Episode, the author explains the engineering skills he used in the project he was involved in a for a duration of 5 months as a final year student. His duties and responsibilities in the project “Adaptation of De-husking Machines” were:

  • To obtain detailed information about buckwheat/buckwheat husk and design the DE husking machine using AutoCAD
  • To design the grading and sieving unit of the DE husking machine
  • To fabricate the separator using different mechanical tools and machines
  • To prepare samples and carry out the DE husking procedure for testing the machine
  • To check the performance of the machine for finding out the maximum DE husking speed
  • To evaluate the DE husked buckwheat and make a report mentioning all the procedures adopted
  • To implement the designed DE husking machine in the field

CDR Sample for Agricultural Engineer: Career Episode 3

Project Name: Preparing Strategies of Farm Mechanization Project

In third Career Episode, the author demonstrates his technical skills he used to complete the project he was involved in as an assignment project during his university study. The Project was “Preparing Strategies of Farm Mechanization Project”.The Key responsibility of the writer was:

  • To research the current practices of agriculture with farm machinery/ need-based farm machinery by farmers and get familiar with them
  • To suggest various solutions, strategy and requirements while preparing strategic planning
  • To coordinate in performing calculations related to work and power, speed, the rate of flow, fuel consumption, etc. in the design of farm machinery
  • To approve and analyze the developed design in FEM based software
  • To test the prototype design using various tools
  • To monitor and evaluate research activities related to farm machinery going on across the country
  • To supply the machinery and spare parts as ordered by the farmers and ensure the availability of backup services in time
  • To provide training to key farmers, private manufacturers and stakeholders on various technologies used in farm machinery, their purposes, advantages and applications
  • To inspect and control the quality of any farm machinery imported into the country
  • To prepare and assess the standards of different farm machinery

CDR Sample for Agricultural Engineer: Consolidated Summary Statement

This Summary statement sample, one of the section of competency demonstration report CDR sample, consist of a consolidated  report to describe all the 16 competencies element that accurately summarizes how the author/engineer fulfills the required competencies, based on the mentioned career episodes (one, two and three).

CDR Sample for Agricultural Engineer: CPD (statement)

A one page document that shows how the author/engineer has developed his /her career track so that he/she should be assessed by Engineers Australia for Migration Skills Assessment in the engineering occupation he/she desires.

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