CDR Sample for Civil Engineer

CDR Sample for Civil Engineer

CDR Sample for Civil Engineer provided by is EA approved and helps you in preparing a perfect and flawless CDR Report for Engineers Australia.

According to the report released by Engineers Australia (EA), civil engineers are in a strong demand in Australia with highest vacancies in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), as compared to the other disciplines. The reason behind such a high demand of Civil Engineers in Australia are major infrastructure projects in NSW such as Metro Trains Project in Victoria, the Sydney Rapid Transit Project, the West Connex Project, and the large-scale solar projects.

Australia has witnessed a major growth of jobs during recent years. The industrial growth has bestowed due to upsurge in economy as well as in the state of technology. It leads to the abundance engineer jobs in Australia. The requirement of civil engineers has hastily rose with the increase of infrastructure projects which is the main factor that contributes to the overall development of the country. Hence, many skillful professionals are invited from all over the world, which gives civil engineers a good opportunity to improve their future.

The ANZSCO code for Civil Engineer for Engineers Australia migration skills assessment is 233211.

CDR sample for Civil Engineers comprises all the required reports like Curriculum Vitae (CV), continuing Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes (CE) and Summary Statement. The CDR Report Samples includes following contents:

Curriculum Vitae (CV): CV / Resume for Engineers Australia Assessment based on a professional template.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): CPD for Engineers Australia Migration Skills assessment clarifies the Engineering Knowledge of the applicant – 250 words.

Civil Engineer Career Episode Sample 1: “Design and Analysis of Multi-Storey Building” – 1800 words

Civil Engineer Career Episode Sample 2: “Demolition Former Caltex Depot” – 1750 words

Civil Engineer Career Episode Sample 3: “Design of Campus Local Structure Plan” – 1765 words

Civil Engineer Summary Statement Sample: Summary Statement for Competency Demonstration Report Australia is a Detail explanation of all the competency element – 1770 words.  

Civil Engineer CDR Sample: Career Episode 1

Project Name: Design and Analysis of Multi-Storey Building

The first Career Episode is related to the project the author carried out for the fulfillment of the degree of Civil Engineering. The project’s name was “Design and Analysis of Multi-Storey Building” and his roles were:

  • To collect the necessary information regarding the required procedure to design a multi-storey building and the theory involved behind that.
  • To design the slabs: roof slab and floor slab for the building.
  • To select the materials required for designing the building’s beams.
  • To calculate the superimposed load for designing the building’s columns.
  • To determine the bearing capacity of the soil for the foundation of the building to hold the structure above it.
  • Lastly, to design a staircase for accessing different floors of the building.

Civil Engineer CDR Sample: Career Episode 2

Project Name: Demolition Former Caltex Depot

In second Career Episode, the author discusses the project entitled “Demolition Former Caltex Depot” which he performed for Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering. The major tasks performed in this project are:

  • To collect all the relevant information for the depot in a safe.
  • To develop the methodology of the project and workflow diagram to implement the work in accordance with the time frame.
  • To generate the demolition and remediation management plan for a safe working environment and to draw site mapping with the use of AutoCAD software.
  • To perform the mathematical calculations in order to estimate the budget of project and analyze its economic feasibility.
  • To use tracking equipment for tracking the resources implied in the demolition site.

To monitor and supervise the project work to make sure that it is completed in the given time frame.   

Civil Engineer CDR Sample: Career Episode 3

Project Name: Design of Campus Local Structure Plan

In the third Career Episode, the author explains the project he was involved in during his undergraduate program and was entitled “Design of Campus Local Structure Plan”. His roles were:

  • To perform a site survey of the area so as to understand its complex aspects.
  • To linear the task flow of the project through the development of methodology.
  • To carry out the orientation of street which was based on loosely defined north-south grid across the subject land and designed subdivisions for construction of Wall.
  • To prepare the landscape design.
  • To design public transport.
  • To design the connector streets for the neighborhood.
  • To carry out water management and tabulate the results of the project in the report.

CDR Sample for Civil Engineer: Consolidated Summary Statement

This Summary statement sample, one of the section of competency demonstration report CDR sample, consist of a consolidated  report to describe all the 16 competencies element that accurately summarizes how the author/engineer fulfills the required competencies, based on the mentioned career episodes (one, two and three).

CDR Sample for Civil Engineer: CPD (statement)

A one page document that shows how the author/engineer has developed his /her career track so that he/she should be assessed by Engineers Australia for Migration Skills Assessment in the engineering occupation he/she desires.

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