CDR Sample for Electronics Engineer

CDR Sample for Electronics Engineer

CDR Sample for Electronics Engineer provided by is EA approved and helps you in preparing a perfect and flawless CDR Report  for Engineers Australia.

The key responsibility of an electronics engineer is to create, design and develop ordinary devices, for example, cell phones, portable music devices and PCs. Electronic engineering provides the opportunity to deliver new advancements and improvements in telecommunications, robotics, computing hardware, and power and electrical equipment.

The ANZSCO code for Electronics Engineer for Engineers Australia migration skills assessment is 233411.

CDR sample for Electronics Engineers comprises all the required reports like Curriculum Vitae (CV), continuing Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes (CE) and Summary Statement. The CDR Report Samples includes following contents:

Curriculum Vitae (CV): CV / Resume for Engineers Australia Assessment based on a professional template.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): CPD for Engineers Australia Migration Skills assessment clarifies the Engineering Knowledge of the applicant – 250 words.

Electronics Engineer Career Episode Sample 1: “Real Time Video Processing” – 1916 words

Electronics Engineer Career Episode Sample 2: “Design and Implementation of FPGA Based Multiplier on A Fog Node” – 2134words

Electronics Engineer Career Episode Sample 3: “Life light Dementia Monitoring and Guidance System” – 1905 words

Electronics Engineer Summary Statement Sample: Summary Statement for Competency Demonstration Report Australia is a Detail explanation of all the competency element – 1867 words. 

Electronics Engineer CDR Sample: Career Episode 1

Project Name: Real Time Video Processing

In the first career episode, the author describes the project he did when he was pursuing undergraduate degree in Bachelors of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in the final year. The project’s name was “Real Time Video Processing”. The responsibilities of the author were:

  • To perform a literature review where I studied and gained information on the FPGA based real-time video processing system.
  • To select various devices, video transfer standards and software for the design and development of the project
  • To design an evaluation platform for testing the video processing in FPGA and develop my components for the intellectual property.
  • To perform the design for the video processing system in the software.
  • To perform the FPGA design flow of project using Altera Quartus II development software and analyze the design using Signal Tap logic analyzer.
  • To test the design with various methods after creating the design and analyze the result obtained.

Electronics Engineer CDR Sample: Career Episode 2

Project Name: Design and Implementation of FPGA Based Multiplier on A Fog Node

In the second career episode, the author explains the engineering skills he used in the project he was involved in for the completion of his undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. His duties and responsibilities in the project “Design and Implementation of FPGA Based Multiplier on A Fog Node” were:

  • To perform a literature study about the FPGA array as well as a multiplier and note down all the relevant information.
  • To design the systematic and functional block diagram of an integrated fog system and analyze the CSR network demo.
  • To consider the energy efficient digital system design from approximate computing in various application domains.
  • To perform some proposed works such as approximate adders and multipliers design and the necessary evaluation.
  • To implement the system by using the histogram equalization algorithm and ensure the computational performance.
  • To analyze the experimental result and observe the histogram grayscale images.

Electronics Engineer CDR Sample: Career Episode 3

Project Name: Life light Dementia Monitoring and Guidance System

In third Career Episode, the author demonstrates his technical skills he used to complete the project in which he was involved in when working in a company. The project was “Life light Dementia Monitoring and Guidance System”. The key responsibilities of the writer were:

  • To research projects and technical papers with similar deliverable and also learn about the causes, symptoms, and complications of dementia.
  • To identify the necessary hardware components to be used in the design based on the research.
  • To work on designing the architecture of the project and then the schematic diagrams to outline the software in development.
  • To design circuit diagrams for bed block, nurse block, and patient block, and simulate the circuit design.
  • To prepare flowcharts for all the modules and successively develop the related programming in Arduino IDE.
  • To assemble all the components, integrated the developed software onto the hardware, and test the system in different scenarios.

CDR Sample for Electronics Engineer: Consolidated Summary Statement

This Summary statement sample, one of the section of competency demonstration report CDR sample, consist of a consolidated  report to describe all the 16 competencies element that accurately summarizes how the author/engineer fulfills the required competencies, based on the mentioned career episodes (one, two and three).

CDR Sample for Electronics Engineer: CPD (statement)

A one page document that shows how the author/engineer has developed his /her career track so that he/she should be assessed by Engineers Australia for Migration Skills Assessment in the engineering occupation he/she desires.

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