Engineers Australia Fast Track
Engineers Australia Fast Track

Engineers Australia Fast Track

Candidates who need a skills assessment finished urgently can apply for the Fast Track service. It might take a long time to process the migration skills assessment. Yet, the applicants can fast track their application. An assessor will be assigned with a Fast Track applications within the time frame publicized on the website of Engineers Australia, from receipt of payment. The time period for accepting a result depends entirely on the quality of the lodged application. Engineers Australia won’t be liable for the period of time taken to finalize improper/inadequate applications. The Fast Track service is likewise accessible to candidates who have already submitted an online application by means of this link.

Please Note: The end of year office close-down will affect the Fast Track service. Files won’t be processed during the close-down period. The close-down dates will be shown on the website of Engineers Australia. Fast Track applications will be prepared as a priority when work resumes.

How do I Fast Track my MSA Application?

The steps to Fast Track the application is easy. You can just select ‘Fast Track’ after completing your online application. If you already have an existing MSA application that you want to fast track, use the online form provided by Engineers Australia. The up-to-dare information on pricing is provided on the MSA Step-by-Step Guide page.

Turnaround time for standard MSA applications

If you have a non-accredited qualification, your turnaround time is 9 weeks prior to assigning the application to a case officer.

If you have an accredited qualification, your turnaround time is 7 weeks prior to assigning the application to a case officer.

Keep in mind, you can decrease this turnaround time and have your application assigned to a case officer in 20 working days with the fast track service.

It would be ideal if you know about the following:

  • Precise waiting times can change contingent upon the quantity of incoming applications.
  • Waiting times depend on the date of receipt of all necessary information.
  • Please don’t contact Engineers Australia within the time allotments listed above, as this will just delay processing times for all applications.
  • Consistently updated advice on the dates of applications now being processed can be looked for by sending Engineers Australia a blank status email request. You will get an automatic response.
Engineers Australia Fast Track