Important Announcements by Engineers Australia
Important Announcements by Engineers Australia

Important Announcements by Engineers Australia

Here are the news and updates, and Important Announcements by Engineers Australia for migrating engineers. 

Engineers Australia will accept IELTS, TOEFL iBT, and PTE Academic English test results that are no more than three years old at the time of receiving your application starting from March 1, 2021.

Engineers Australia will exclude eligible applicants from the English language test in the future: applicants who are citizens of the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, or the Republic of Ireland and hold a valid passport issued by these countries.

Engineers Australia has revised the Appointment Migration Agent form to protect the privacy and security of the applicant’s personal details. The applicant authorizes and consents to Engineers Australia processing, collecting, using, and revealing personal information provided by the migration agent for the evaluation purpose by signing the Appointment Migration Agent form.

Please note that starting September 1, 2019, the fees for Migration Skills Assessment services have been changed.

View the new fee structure

Engineers Australia has unveiled the Migration Skills Assessment Fast Track, a new online service. As soon as possible, fast tracked applications will be assigned to an assessor. Applicants who submit a new online application can now choose the Fast Track option at the point of payment. Their submission will be prioritized for processing at the top of the evaluation list.

For more information on the fast track fee, please see the Migration Skills Assessment page.

Applicants who have already submitted an application but did not pay the fast track fee at the time of submission can still use Engineer Australia’s online fee payment form to access this service.

You do not need to pay the Fast Track fee again if you have already paid it at the time of submission.

Ethical Standards

Engineers Australia can use the information you provide to match data with Australian government agencies. Engineers Australia reserves the right to screen the submitted work for matches to published sources or other submitted applications using software applications. False and misleading information is considered a significant violation in ethical behavior.

Plagiarism is a serious offense

Career Episodes must be based on work that you did yourself and written entirely in your own words. Plagiarism is a breach of Engineers Australia’s code of ethics when you present work done by others as your own and/or use other people’s words (templates, Career Episodes, online sources, etc.). This can result in the application being rejected, a ban of up to 36 months being imposed, and/or the information being reported to the Department of Home Affairs for further investigation and action.

Please keep in mind that simply explaining your work experience is inadequate. Career Episodes must be written in the first person singular, emphasizing your own personal contribution to the work mentioned. Remember to say “what I did,” not “what we did,” or “what I was interested in,” and explain how you did it.

Engineers Australia had to expand its Fast Track processing timeline due to strong demand for the service. Fast Track applications will be allocated to an assessor and be processed within 20 working days.

Important Announcements by Engineers Australia