CDR Sample for Mining Engineer

CDR Sample for Mining Engineers

CDR Sample for Mining Engineer provided by is EA approved and helps you in preparing a perfect and flawless CDR Report for Engineers Australia.

The scope of working in Australia is an area of fascination from the vast majority of the engineers over the globe searching for Jobs in Australia. The professional fundamental of Mining Engineers in Australia is a stage ahead procedure for entering in the realm of greatness. Getting a scope to work in Australia is a key to appreciate enormous advantages of work culture alongside a renowned way of life. However, your fantasy about working in Australia can be satisfied in the event that you have the capability of a qualified engineer. Occupation of Mining Engineer is one of the renowned blue-collar Jobs in Australia which is enrolled in the interest list of Australia for the engineers over the globe with a goal of Australia Immigration.

With the end goal of Immigration to Australia as an Engineer, you should have a legitimate perceived engineering qualification to avail every one of the advantages of Work in Australia.

The ANZSCO code for Mining Engineer for Engineers Australia migration skills assessment is 233611.

CDR sample for Mining Engineers comprises all the required reports like Curriculum Vitae (CV), continuing Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes (CE) and Summary Statement. The CDR Report Samples includes following contents:

Curriculum Vitae (CV): CV / Resume for Engineers Australia Assessment based on a professional template.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): CPD for Engineers Australia Migration Skills assessment clarifies the Engineering Knowledge of the applicant – 250 words.

Mining Engineer Career Episode Sample 1: “Formulation of a Feasibility Study on the Eliza Hill-Will Project” – 2167words

Mining Engineer Career Episode Sample 2: “Determining the Properties of Mine Rock Strata” – 1989 words

Mining Engineer Career Episode Sample 3: “Hard Rock Mine Design and Feasibility” – 2134words

Mining Engineer Summary Statement Sample: Summary Statement for Competency Demonstration Report Australia is a Detail explanation of all the competency element – 2001 words. 

Mining Engineers CDR Sample: Career Episode 1

Project Name: Formulation of a Feasibility Study on the Eliza Hill-Will Project

In first career episode, the author explains the project entitled “Formulation of a Feasibility Study on the Eliza Hill-Will Project” that he carried out during his university study in mining engineering. His roles and responsibilities were:

  • To conduct studies into geological modeling of components and henceforth develop geological models of the waste dump and stockpiles towards mine stability analysis
  • To conduct further investigations on the final strip end wall constructed approximating the durability of the underground main access routes
  • To conduct investigations aimed at establishing a comprehensive representation of processing costs versus yielding costs with a reduced milling rate
  • To study hydrological, hydrogeological, meteorological characteristics of the mine are as well as cultural and environmental constraints
  • To hatch strategic plans towards stockpiling of the mined coal segregating high-quality coal from the low quality

Mining Engineers CDR Sample: Career Episode 2

Project Name: Determining the Properties of Mine Rock Strata

In second career episode, the author demonstrates the engineering skills he utilized when he was doing Masters in Mining Engineering. His roles and responsibilities in the project “Determining the Properties of Mine Rock Strata” were:

  • To conduct the preliminary survey on the rock domain properties with aid from geologists and material science specialists as well as mining engineers determining the elements present
  • To determine and select the most suitable explosion strategy having considered factors such as depth of rock and the physical characteristics of surrounding strata
  • To assess natural, technical, financial and safety risks and hazards associated with the project phases such as project development, experimental set-up, and operation
  • To determine and evaluate the safety of processes, an order of execution and the safety of the explosion area, evaluating risks associated with slippage and rock falls
  • To plan and coordinate the effective utilization of labor and equipment attaining predetermined efficiency targets, set safety standards and adhering to environmental guidelines.

Mining Engineers CDR Sample: Career Episode 3

Project Name: Hard Rock Mine Design and Feasibility

In the third career episode, the author explained about the project that he was involved in when working as a Mining Engineer in a company. The name of the project was “Hard Rock Mine Design and Feasibility” and his roles were:

  • To conduct geological, geotechnical and topography evaluation of the mine area characterized by information from neighboring mines and publications as well as test results to the company labs
  • To optimize the mine open pit design, underground mine design alongside engrossed parameters such as the ventilation system
  • To conduct geographical reserve estimation for mine operations and develop mine plan Mining schedule
  • To evaluate the resources needed for execution of this project’s goals phases in terms of personnel needed, equipment and other resources required
  • To estimate the cost towards the implementation of mineral processing methodology, infrastructure developments, and installations against the amount of copper and gold extracted from the ore.

CDR Sample for Mining Engineers: Consolidated Summary Statement

This Summary statement sample, one of the section of competency demonstration report CDR sample, consist of a consolidated  report to describe all the 16 competencies element that accurately summarizes how the author/engineer fulfills the required competencies, based on the mentioned career episodes (one, two and three).

CDR Sample for Mining Engineers: CPD (statement)

A one page document that shows how the author/engineer has developed his /her career track so that he/she should be assessed by Engineers Australia for Migration Skills Assessment in the engineering occupation he/she desires.

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