Plagiarism Checking & Removal Services

Plagiarism Checking

It is of utmost importance that, the CDR report you submit to Engineers Australia should be free from plagiarism. Plagiarism Checking and Removal is one of the most crucial steps that is to be done before submitting your CDR report for Engineers Australia Skills Assessment. This is stated in Migration Skill Assessment booklet March 2020, issued by Engineers Australia. Engineers Australia identifies plagiarism as the use of presenting content, ideas and words in your CDR document that are not your own. If your document is found to be plagiarized, Engineers Australia have strict provision of providing you the negative outcome for the current assessment, that you had applied along with additional penalty time of 1 year in which you are not allowed to apply for Assessment. Unfortunately, at, we have interacted with many engineers, who had their assessment banned due to the plagiarism found in the CDR Report thus crashing their hopes of working in Australia as a recognized engineer.

How do we check and remove plagiarism ?

We at, leave no stones upturned to check your CDR Report against plagiarism, in this process, we use the best plagiarism checker software such as turnitin, write check, plagscan and others. After checking your CDR report against plagiarism, we give you the processed electronic report of your document showing the plagiarism percentage. If you further want to remove the plagiarism involved in your document, we guide you to make the document completely free from any plagiarism, this ensures that, you do not have to suffer from catastrophic consequence of penalty due to plagiarism and be assured that, the CDR report you have submitted for assessment is plagiarism free.

Why use CDR Plagiarism checking service?

Plagiarism checking & removal services

It is essential to check your CDR Report for Engineers Australia Skills Assessment with a good plagiarism detecting software. Because, if you send your CDR report without checking for plagiarism EA could put a ban on you for a year if it finds any copied material. But do not worry, we do multilevel checking for plagiarism using the best software available. Moreover, our plagiarism checker and removal service provides following affirmations:

  • Multi-level checking: We use multilevel checking mechanism to check your CDR report and make sure that they are removed.
  • Best software: We make sure that best software available in the market are used for checking plagiarism in your CDR report for Engineers Australia Skills Assessment.
  • Processed Electronic report : We provide you processed electronic report about the plagiarism involved in your document.
  • Proper Guidance: We guide you to remove or change the plagiarized content in your document.

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