Tips from the Expert
Tips to prepare a CDR

Tips from the Expert

We should start by understanding what a CDR is about. In fact, a CDR is the way to exhibit your engineering skills; basis which will help you get approval for a skilled migration Visa for Australia. This is the means by which you can really persuade the assessing authority (EA) of your professional competence in the area related to your occupation that you apply for. The CDR assessing authority or Engineers Australia (EA) have shared certain guidelines to prepare your CDR. These guidelines and tips to prepare a CDR can be referred in more details from the Migration Skill Assessment (MSA) booklet, as provided by the EA.

The main reason of writing a CDR is to check the degree of knowledge and skills that you hold in your engineering occupation. In this manner, it is advisable to prepare the CDR yourself to strategically show your communication skills while outlining your experience and presentation in the area. In any case, where you are not able to present your skills or experience in your CDR, your chance for a positive assessment gets decreased. can be your best destination to end your CDR writing misfortunes. At, the group of experienced writers and engineers provide services from writing help to a thorough review and draw out the flawless and perfect CDRs along with tips to prepare a CDR. Not only has the group worked its way to success with 99% positive assessments from the EA, it has also become a name to deal with.

Here are 7 useful tips to prepare a CDR that our professional engineers share with us to bring along a fruitful CDR:

  • Understand your CDR well. As you start writing your CDR, understand the reason and basic necessities by referring the MSA booklet completely. Go into minor details by surveying the requirement for the three segments: Continuous Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes, and Summary Statement. Get ‘Why’ about every one of these three areas and ‘What’ might be the particular necessities of each of those. As you get a clear image of the ‘Why’ and ‘What’, you can effectively cut a path towards the ‘How’.
  • As you check the necessity, all things considered, do understand exactly what the assessors are searching for. The professional engineers must have idea about all these. Henceforth, looking for help from experts is a certain shot advantage.
  • The assessors are strict with right language understanding, so you have to take a glance at the minor details. There is a distinction between British English and Australian English, so be cautious while you set up your thoughts together on the report. Each language mistake or a little grammatical mistake takes the opportunity a step from you.
  • The three Career Episodes show your professionalism in incredible way. Hence, the topics that you picked must be in accordance with your job expectations. With all of these topics, you are giving the assessor/s a perspective on your competence levels relating the concerned area. So, pick those wisely. Make every one of them extraordinary to give a more extensive image of your abilities. As an initial step, refer the MSA booklet to check what competency expectations come along with different occupational categories of a Professional Engineer/Engineering Technologist/Engineering Associate/Engineering Manager. We talk to you thoroughly and know about your experience. Immediately, we adjust them perfectly in your report.
  • The EA assessors are least interested in project that carry your team efforts to the forefront. So, tell them regarding you. The job that you played and the duties that went along. Share your examples of overcoming difficulty and be prepared to substantiate every one of them with documentary proof.
  • It isn’t adequate to simply describe work in which you were included. Career Episodes must be written in the first person singular visibly showing your very own role in the work portrayed. Keep in mind, it is the thing that I did, not what we did or what “I was involved in” and portray how you did it.
  • You can, obviously, utilize CDR samples from the web or different sources, as reference only. That’s it! Engineers Australia has strict standards against plagiarism and if they discover copied content in your report, you will be suspended from the assessment for a year. They have world-class plagiarism checking software to evaluate varying degrees of plagiarism in your reports. At we offer 100% one of a kind CDR reports that are a perfect representation of your professional journey.

We prepare the best reports, within the predetermined deadlines, with experienced engineers and writers, advanced editing tools and proofreaders available.

Tips from the Expert