Why was my CDR rejected by Engineers Australia?
Why was my CDR rejected by Engineers Australia?

Why was my CDR rejected by Engineers Australia?

Is your CDR rejected by Engineers Australia? Or are you afraid that your CDR might get rejected? Feel free to contact us, we will happily guide you.

First. let us understand what CDR actually is. A CDR is submitted to Engineers Australia for assessing your abilities, qualification and knowledge. The EA requires a person to have the important skills in their field of engineering before they can move to Australia. Accordingly, they assess the competency of the engineer, who has a degree yet not covered under Washington Accord. The engineers writing their own CDR report need to present a top-quality report to exhibit their capacities in the professional field of engineering. Their CDR report includes Summary Statement, Career Episodes and CPDs as per the guidelines mentioned in the Migration Skills Assessment booklet. Notwithstanding, there are numerous occurrences when engineers commit errors while composing the CDR.

You ought to be cautious in going through every one of the guidelines given by Engineers Australia (EA) while writing the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). You should include all the vital details about the skills you have procured and your work experience in your field of engineering. These things ought to be written in a detailed way so Engineers Australia can assess the applicant dependent on that information. You need to encompass details in the Career Episodes and connect the components and indicators in the Summary Statement to the correct paragraphs in the Career Episodes of CDR. On the off chance that these things are not pursued, your CDR might be rejected by Engineers Australia.

7 Reasons Why Your CDR Got Rejected by Engineers Australia

  1. The endorsed word limit for each Career Episode is 1,000 to 2,500 words. You should give all the necessary information and address every one of the Engineers Australia competency issues within this word limit. Hence, it is obligatory to give just significant details in your CDR. Don’t include a large number of technical details with calculations, diagrams, and so on. The candidates with great profile usually fail to get positive assessment since they give in a lot of redundant information.
  2. If you do not specify the approaches as well as tools and resources you utilized to solve complex engineering problems, it increases the chance of your CDR rejection.
  3. Engineers Australia considers misleading and false information as a significant breach of moral conduct. Hence, never copy and paste details of project from another person’s CDR, CDR samples or from some other Internet sources. Plagiarism is a vital issue with regards to Engineers Australia (EA) Migration Skills Assessment. The CDR report must be prepared on the basis of your original work dependent on your projects and profile.
  4. The technical design activities in your CDR will build your opportunity of positive assessment. Additionally, the lacking of engineering experience may act as a tremendous obstacle towards the positive assessment of your CDR. In this way, attempt to include the experience of your creative engineering in your Career Episodes.
  5. You broke down one project into two Career Episodes by presenting a similar project separately in two parts and including each segment in each one of the Career Episodes. In any case, according to the prerequisite explained by Engineers Australia, you have to describe one full project in each Career Episode.
  6. The Career Episodes of CDR is a significant aspect. It should clearly show the utilization of engineering skills and knowledge in the chosen engineering discipline. The career episode must state what you did and depict how you did it, highlighting your very own job and not about the team work. The reason for this is to weigh up your own commitment to task goals and meeting project. Career Episodes must be written to show your own role by utilizing the first person singular.
  7. You must understand that the CDR report is an official document which can make or break your plans to migrate to Australia. In this manner, one must pursue the format recommended by EA and assure that there are no minor missteps in spelling or grammar and the report is in Australian English. Make sure that you are following all the EA guidelines while writing the CDR.

The assessor rejects the CDR if it isn’t written according to the guidelines and necessity by Engineers Australia. To get the best outcomes, the applicants, applying for Migration Skills Assessment, should move toward the best CDR writing service provider. They will get a perfect CDR report, which will contain all the information about their work experience and technical skills. CDRSupport.com.au has ability and experience in giving the best and flawless CDR reports to the engineers. We will guarantee that your CDR will not be rejected by Engineers Australia. We have best and top subject specialists for conveying greatly organized CDR reports that contain all the information required for fruitful CDR assessment.

Why was my CDR rejected by Engineers Australia?